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7 Step Insurance Restoration Process

Step 1

Quality Roof Inspection

A Quality Roofing System Inspection is the first step in the insurance process. Here, we will thoroughly inspect the house and the roofing system, as well as all of its components and accessories, for flaws and damages. The system's damages and failures will be documented, photographed, and shared with you, the homeowner, so you can make a more informed decision about your home's repairs.

Step 2

Contacting Your Insurance Provider

If the Roofing system has qualifying damages, such as hail impacts, wind damage, or has been compromised by other storm-related damage, your Insurance Provider must be contacted and a Claim must be filed in order to proceed with the restoration process. Remember that insurance companies are not allowed by law to raise your rates because you filed a claim due to an "Act of God."

Step 3

Adjusters Appointment

After you file a claim, your insurance company will send an Insurance Adjuster to inspect your property for the reported damages. Not all Insurance Adjusters are qualified construction experts for roofing system components. It is critical to have a Knowledgeable, Reputable, and Professional Roofing Contractor present during this inspection, as 70% of all filed claims are significantly underpaid by Insurance Carriers at the initial approval of the claim.

Step 4

Documentation Review with Client

After your Insurance Provider has approved the claim, the assigned Adjuster will provide you with a "Loss Summary." This document contains critical information about the types and quantities of materials found on your property at the time of the inspection. This summary should include a list of ALL damaged items that are required for the correct and proper repair of your property. Your Restoration Professional will go over these documents with you and help you understand your entire claim. During this in-person review, you and your Restoration Professional will create a plan for restoring your property.

Step 5

Pre-Restoration Consultation

Prior to the reconstruction of your damaged property, your Restoration Professional will assist you in selecting the BEST components for your roofing system, as well as helping you map out the best schedule for this restoration, to better fit your needs and schedule.

Step 6

Rebuilding Your Home

After you and your Restoration Professional have decided on material types and colors, the restoration of your property will start. Following the removal of the existing damaged components, your property will be thoroughly inspected once more for any unseen or hidden damages that may require resolution with the Insurance Carrier. If no such problems arise, our expert construction professionals will restore your property to its Pre-Loss Condition. For most average-sized homes, the reconstruction process takes about a day or two.

Step 7

Final Inspection & Closing The Claim

1. After the construction is finished and all construction debris and materials have been removed from the property, your Restoration Professional will conduct a Final Construction Walk Through with you to ensure that all items and issues have been resolved; ensuring that you are satisfied with the end result, and that your property is completely restored to Like-New condition.
2. Once the Final Construction Walk Through is completed, and you, the homeowner, have issued Final Walkthrough Approval, your Restoration Professional will send photos and documents to your Insurance Provider, detailing the completed construction, so that your claim file can be closed by your Insurance Provider.

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